John Manual

Police Designing Out Crime Office Lincolnshire Police

I retired from North Yorkshire Police in 2007 and after several years working in academia, moved to Lincolnshire police as the Force Designing Out Crime Officer in 2013 and I have been a Safer Parking ‘Park Mark’ assessor since qualifying as an Architectural liaison Officer in 2004. Following the new build development of a MSCP in Lincolnshire I became interested in understanding how design and build could help reduce the opportunity for Suicide from places of height. I was awarded a place at Notting Trent University as part of the East Midlands Police Academic Collaboration (EMPAC) and completed a post Graduate Study in 2017 titled ‘A Sense of Place’ A Critical review of the methodology employed to restrict access to places of height that may be used to commit suicide in Lincolnshire’. I am a keen Military and Police historian, researching and writing on several related topics currently researching Police Officers who served in Bomber Command during WW2 and whose names are

My Speaker Sessions

Tuesday 14 June 2022


Suicide prevention in multi-storey car parks: Practical guidance

15:30 - 16:15

Russell Simmons, chair of the BPA Parking Structures group, will lead a panel discussion looking at suicide prevention in car parks and the steps that can be taken to minimize the risk. The panel will give some practical solutions and discuss the current guidance being produced by the BPA.