Dominique Abt

Teledyne FLIR

Dominique Abt is Product Manager at Teledyne FLIR for ITS urban sensors since the end of 2021. Originally trained to be a State Certified Engineer in the field of Information technology he has been started to work with traffic detection systems as Project Manager in the field support in 2009.  

As a true allrounder he managed several projects worldwide including Inter urban (AID) and urban products. With over 3,000 devices the AVME project in Hamburg – which he just finished at the end of 2021 – was one of the biggest ones. He also managed big innovative projects like HaRaZän (bike data collection) with a huge number of thermal devices.

He is now happy to work at the products’ very early stages to shape the future of Teledyne FLIR’s AI sensors.

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