Stuart Palombo

CEO Qi Managed Services

Stuart Palombo joined as CEO in March 2021, responsible for the strategic direction, vision and growth at Qi Managed Services.


As an accomplished senior sales leader commanding over 18 years of cross-sector experience to build high-level strategies that drive exponential growth, Stuart is known for embedding a deep knowledge of sales management, business development and customer excellence to guide seamless change journeys that revitalise operations and deliver commercial objectives.


His move into Micromobility charging infrastructure, comes from a passion and belief that Mobility is a basic human need. It promotes encounters between people and enables the exchange of goods. Along with electric mobility, the connectivity of transport will play an important role in building back stronger, reconnecting and reimagining a truly integrated transport infrastructure.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday, June 16

The Park Active tangible takeaway
Dr Julian O’Kelly Stuart Palombo Russell Alexander Chris Reed Julian Scriven Rupert Furness Richard Kirk Foyshal Ghazi Richard Walker

An introduction by Rupert Furness, Deputy Director, Head of Active Travel, DfT. We shine a light on the early adoption of Park Active and look towards the future, explaining to operators how to get involved in this timely initiative. This will be followed by a series of tangible takeaways where commercial suppliers are given the opportunity to present for five minutes on: ‘what solution can you provide to help the parking sector support active travel’.


Wednesday , June 16, 14:15 - 15:15
Russell Alexander Chris Reed

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