Richard Kirk

CEO BetterPoints

Richard has worked in behaviour change for over 30 years. After a grounding in FMCG, he was instrumental in building a successful business in the incentive industry, before forming his own company. Projectlink grew from an idea to £50m turnover suppling communications and promotions for FTSE100 companies and international brands.


As CEO of BetterPoints, the behaviour change technology specialist, Richard is thought-leading the modal shift to sustainable mobility, healthy activity, and the link into future transport for both public sector and major corporates.


The Cass Entrepreneurship Fund has recently completed the Government’s Future Fund £800,000 matched investment into BetterPoints. The investment will be used to grow the team in order to capitalise on the momentum towards more sustainable behaviours.


Richard added: “Positive behaviour change in individual travel modes generates increased physical activity, a shift change in transport and significantly reduces CO2. Healthier lifestyles, improved air quality and a major contribution to climate change drive the nation’s commitment towards Net Zero.”

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday, June 16

The Park Active tangible takeaway
Dr Julian O’Kelly Stuart Palombo Russell Alexander Chris Reed Julian Scriven Rupert Furness Richard Kirk Foyshal Ghazi Richard Walker

An introduction by Rupert Furness, Deputy Director, Head of Active Travel, DfT. We shine a light on the early adoption of Park Active and look towards the future, explaining to operators how to get involved in this timely initiative. This will be followed by a series of tangible takeaways where commercial suppliers are given the opportunity to present for five minutes on: ‘what solution can you provide to help the parking sector support active travel’.


Wednesday , June 16, 14:15 - 15:15
Rupert Furness Steve Gooding

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