Keith Williams (CHAIR)

Technical Director Parking Matters

Keith is a parking data and systems expert and has been an innovator in the field of payment systems and parking technology solutions for over 20 years.


Keith is the Parking Matters lead for the National Parking Platform and has provided the technical expertise behind the parking strategies developed by Parking Matters for numerous UK local authorities. He assists both public and private sector organisations with specifying and installing parking solutions and other management systems.


Keith is a member of the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Parking Data Standards (APDS) and also the APDS’ Technical Steering Committee. He has led on use case production in the development of the APDS specifications. He is a designated parking expert to ISO by BSI (British Standards Institute), contributing to APDS’ adoption as ISO standard TS5206-1

My Speaker Sessions

Thursday, June 17

Smart journeys clever destinations (LIVE)
Keith Williams (CHAIR) Anna Xicoy Karla Jakeman Steve Gooding Neil Herron

Smart cities, smart charging, smart journey planning – all promise an exciting future enabling us to make intelligent, connected, and environmentally friendly decisions on every aspect of mobility. But what’s actually happening now and what can we expect? And how do we secure funding, whether we are start up with a great idea, or a local authority seeking to integrate the latest technology to improve the lives of its local communities?  We bring together a panel of experts who can guide you through this brave new world.


Thursday , June 17, 11:00 - 12:00
Steve Gooding Karla Jakeman

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