Jessica Hall

City Manager TIER Mobility

Jessica is responsible for running successful e-scooter and e-bike operations across UK and Ireland. Passionate about changing the way mobility works in cities, Jessica launched @tierscooters first ever UK fleet of electric vehicles in her hometown of York. She has expertise in working alongside a wide range of city stakeholders and is passionate about delivering micro-mobility services that are considerate, truly integrated and enjoyable.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday, June 16

Mobility on the move (LIVE)
Jenny Figueiredo Prof. Greg Marsden Richard Dilks Jessica Hall Antony Henderson Georgia Yexley Dr Julian O’Kelly

Mobility is changing, and along with it parking. With the majority of local authorities declaring climate emergencies, and transport key to addressing this challenge, what is the role for parking? The needs of electric vehicles, delivery services, cyclists, pedestrians and even scooterists have to be considered as we navigate our way out of the pandemic to a greener, more healthy future. Panelists will bring a wealth of experience and thought leadership to help us understand how our sector needs to adapt to meet the challenges posed by the mobility revolution taking place in our towns and cities.


Wednesday , June 16, 11:00 - 12:30
Dominic Millen Martin Draper (CHAIR)

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