Dan Casey

Head of Strategic Development ZatPark

Dan is an award-winning parking professional, as joint winner of the Ernest Davies Award in 2019 for his article ‘Recognising the scale of workplace violence in parking management’.


As Head of Strategic Development at ZatPark, Dan leads solution design for partners in both the private and public parking sectors and supports the modernisation and evolution of parking technology.


Dan is passionate about solving common challenges faced by leaders of parking operations through innovative technology solutions. Supported by a team of 40 from the ZatPark base in Devon, Dan works to make Everyday Better.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday, June 16

Lunch & Learn - The vital and evolving role of ANPR
Dan Casey Dave Herbert

ZatPark will talk about the vital role ANPR data has played in terms of assessing the impact of lockdown on parking businesses, and also how new ANPR technologies will help us all monitor our recovery over the coming months.
At ZatPark we use anonymised data to look at traffic and enforcement flows as well as activity across our network of sites. We then compare those data with macro trends from things like retail footfall to tell the story of the last few months of parking in the UK. Information gathered through the use of ANPR allows flexibility, scale, security and therefore more reliable and insightful data to be gathered. We will share our learnings on this.
We will also talk about our use of ANPR vehicles and the efficiencies they can offer, and we will consider trends within enforcement in light of recent technological advancements.
Our speaker will intersperse ZatPark's own experiences with industry statistics, talk about the impact of Covid more generally and also speculate on the future impact of the new parking bill.


Wednesday , June 16, 13:10 - 13:25
Dave Herbert Baroness Vere of Norbiton

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