Bonnie Molins

Inclusive Design Principal Kainos

Bonnie is an experienced Principal Service Designer, with over 20 years’ industry experience, and clients including DVSA, HMCTS, Defra and the NHS as well as DfT.


Working collaboratively with stakeholders at every level, Bonnie designs and delivers the experiential, operational and digital transformation required to make services and experiences work for all user groups. Her work streamlines operations and optimises service delivery, bringing savings and benefits to service providers and service users alike.

Bonnie has worked across the public, charity and commercial sectors to produce accessible and inclusive services that provide better outcomes for users. She currently leads on inclusive design at Kainos to produce accessible services that work for diverse people. She also helps clients achieve compliance with the government service standard, accessibility regulations and equality law, in the development of their services.

My Speaker Sessions

Thursday, June 17

APDS & National Parking Platform
Daniel Holden João Caetano Dias Bonnie Molins

Wouldn’t it be great if all operators shared their availability data so whatever app you have would work anywhere, and you could even book parking and EV charging in advance with no hassle? The Alliance for Parking Data Standards is providing the bedrock for a National Parking Platform which can make this a reality.

In this session we hear about how this global data standard in parking is enabling municipalities from Manchester to Madrid bring together parking technology and operations in one seamless system, together with exclusive insights from the  National Parking Platform Discovery, whose findings will shape the future of parking in the UK


Thursday , June 17, 14:00 - 14:45
Richard Walker João Caetano Dias

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