Lunch & Learn - Smart parking innovation with Watford Borough Council

Parking management is a vital function of local authorities, impacting the lives of residents and visitors in many ways. It is a complex and costly function to run and difficult to manage in an efficient and effective manner.

Our solution is used across a variety of situations; controlled parking zones, car parks, loading and limited wait bays, taxi ranks, EV charging stations and emission-based parking zones. The insight provided allows management organisations and civil enforcement teams to monitor space occupancy in real-time, identify infringements and make informed decisions about how to react and deploy resource.

We integrate with industry partners such as RingGo and NSL to provide parking information via the UK's leading parking app. Such integrations enable intelligent routing to spaces, reduced idling and associated emissions, frictionless payment for drivers and real-time tariff management in emission-based parking zones. This solution also provides real-time information for residents about the availability of parking bays close to their home.


Thursday , June 17, 12:20 - 12:35