BPA Retail & Leisure Group Meeting


The Retail & Leisure sector continues to strive to change and transform itself due to changing consumer preferences, with consumers starting to value the experience over ownership. 2017 was tough, but there are signs that 2018 could be a better year for consumers as inflation is set to reduce and wages may start to rise.


Those in the Retail & Leisure sector need to remain relevant through innovation. New technologies and platforms are already enabling brands to go direct to consumers and there is a predicted increase in activity in the second half of the year. With all this in mind, Parkex provided the perfect platform to discuss parking innovation!


Session 1 Welcome, Introduction to Group and BPA Update
  Tito Ponzetta, Group Chair
Session 2 Heathrow Case Study
  Martin Draper, Heathrow Airport Ltd
Session 3 Enhancing the Shopper's Parking Experience
  Graeme Middleton, Cempias
Session 4 AOS Update
  Steve Clarke, BPA Head of Operations
Session 5 How Parking Technology can Increase Profitability
  Martin Hughes, Scheidt & Bachmann