BPA Local Authority Summit


Parkex once again hosted the Local Authority Parking Summit 2018. The agenda covered a variety of topics including Pan European collaboration, TROs and the Positive Parking Agenda. This meeting gave delegates the opportunity to raise questions, highlight key important issues explain how they impact on a local authority’s ability to effectively manage parking.


Session 1 New Look Local Authorities Group - What's Changed?
  Your BPA Local Authority Council Reps
Session 2 What Next For Positive Parking Agenda
  • Research
  • Campaigns & Communications
  • Toolkit
  • Lobbying
  The PPA Steering Committee
Session 3 Pan European Collaboration and Sharing of Ideas & Experience
  Ivo Cre, POLIS Network
Session 4 Digitisation of TROs - Project Update
  Representatives from the TRO Working Group